About SMOON Coin

SMOON is an Autonomous Yield and deflationary on Binance Smart Chain Protocol. It is the first token with a anime design that provides LP Acquisition algorithm, Static Rewards. With massive amounts of total supply in circulation, Anime SMOON will Manual Burn $SMOON Token up to 30%.

SMOON got a massive decentralization on a scale rarely. With these together and you get a absolute anime token out of the hands of anyone.

It will be a a lot of transactions that take place results in more tokens decreasing from the total supply, community supporters and liquidity providers launch very soon. With higher demand and less supply $SMOON holders will ultimately be rewarded with a higher price.

Anime SMOON will solve the problems with our SaylorVerse Protocol, Holding the SMOON tokens will have a Greatest and Absolutely chance of bringing profit than farming or staking.

Coin Distribution


You can find information about our coin distributions here.

  • Contracts Address


  • Network

    Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

  • Total Supply

    1,000,000,000,000,000 SMOON

  • Links

Buy/Sell SMOON Buy/Sell SMOONV1

Opinions of Our Investors and Our Company

SMOON Coin's Motto!

The new Token of the Metaverse world. We took our place in the new world. We're getting ready to go to the moon!

SMOON Coin is the project that can bring a brand new revolution in the metaverse world. We are happy to list it as an exchange. It is a project that will grow in a very short time with its investor base and strong financiers.
Henry Nguyen

Co Founder - CTO

The NorseFinance teams are working very well. He chooses promising projects very well. SMOON Coin will be a very good investment tool in the near future.
Johnny Andro

Director, Company

Metaverse coins are always the biggest investment in the future. The first listed SMOON Coin will shine like a star as it is listed on the well-established NorseFinance exchange.
Keny Alfonso

Investor, Company

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